What we do

Happy Green World Foundation develops educational programmes about waste, water and energy with the aim of teaching children in the age group 6 to 12 years sustainable behaviour.

Dutch and international organisations help the foundation with having the educational materials translated and placing them in schools all over the world. We approach (local) companies and organisations for fund-raising.

We, at Happy Green World, value the importance of children learning through play and activities. We offer practical solutions that are easy to learn and are attuned to the child's experience. For instance, through making compost, re-using of plastic or tidying up a school playground, children learn that they can influence their own environment directly.

Our educational programmes usually consist of an activity guide, a student's book and a game, all colourfully illustrated. The activities and illustrations are geared towards the specific environment and problems experienced in a country or region. Thus a programme for a child from the island of Flores in Indonesia, will be different to a programme for a child living in the city of Cairo in Egypt.

Repetition is essential for learning sustainable behaviour. Happy Green World cultivates sustainable relationships with local partners, so the lessons will be given over a longer period of time. Happy Green World also develops practical workshops for teachers who will be using the programmes. These workshops are organised by local partners. 

More information? info@happygreenworld.org