To distribute our educational programmes abroad, we use third parties who have contacts in schools or other organisations teaching children. People working for the ministry of education in the country concerned may also be interested in our programmes. We very much like to hear from teachers too who see opportunities for our activities in their classes. Every organisation or school that wants to help distribute our educational programmes can become a Happy Green World partner.
How would collaboration work?
Your organisation or school is interested in our educational programmes. We discuss our mutual expectations and needs with regards to collaboration and map out the possibilities during a meeting, in person or via e.g. Skype. Subsequently you will receive a customised step-by-step plan, a contract regarding the use and distribution of the materials, and an overview of all costs. The costs will depend on the need for adaptation of the materials, translation, printing cost etc.
Happy Green World strives for equal and sustainable relationships. Continuity is important, as repetition is needed when learning sustainable behaviour. You can always call on Happy Green World, for instance for extra promotional material and practical advice. Happy Green World has a large network of people from different areas of expertise.
Would you like to know more? Please email us at We look forward to working with you.